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Private Investigations 

Liability/Criminal Investigations

Our accomplished investigators in the areas of witness/subject interviews, physical evidence gathering, incident/crime scene photography, proactive undercover investigations and more draw upon their former law enforcement training and experience.

Background Investigations

We can provide comprehensive background investigations in just about any situation, on any individual, entity or subject. At Record Time, we utilize various search tools and resources to locate pertinent information on anyone and anything. Searches range from pre-marital screenings to legal corporate intelligence gathering and from criminal history searches to driver histories. If we cannot find it, it cannot be found!

Specialized Background Investigations:

Community/Neighborhood Background Investigations - geared toward prospective homebuyers, renters, and real estate agents. This unique investigation provides valuable insight into any neighborhood for the type of schools your children would attend and the crime rate in the surrounding area, including locations of registered sex offenders in the community.

Working closely with the local military community for military personnel in need of off base housing we aim to provide peace of mind.  Wouldn't it be comforting to know that while you are on deployment overseas your family is in a good neighborhood where your children will be safe and well educated?

Pre-employment screenings - this background investigation provides basic requirements for verifying employment applications to include criminal history, educational verification, and previous employment verification, at an affordable cost. We are well suited for small to mid-size businesses that do not have an HR department but still require these very important verifications to insure their team members are the best of the best.

Pre-marital investigations - One out of every five relationships begin online. Doesn't it make sense to be equipped with the best information available about the person you are considering for a committed relationship? Providing information regarding criminal history, previous divorces, and the current marital status of the individual, this service is available at a very reasonable rate.

Your personal relationship deserves as much background research as the institutions that handle your money, your retirement accounts, and educational institutions you and your children attend. Why leave it to chance and hope that our intuition is correct about the persons we become involved with romantically?

Skip Trace/Witness Location

Searching for someone? Stop! Save your time and call us! We are the experts. With years of experience, we can find even the most difficult-to-find missing persons. Whether you are looking for a trial witness, a long lost love, or a debtor on the move, being your search with Record Time.



Record Time Retrieval & Investigations is a licensed private investigation company in the State of Texas, #A11156

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