About Us & Our Operational Philosophy

About Us & Our Philosophy
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About Us

Robert Hill established Record Time Retrieval in 2002 to provide efficient, expert solutions for businesses and individuals needing service of civil process, and records/information retrieval. Robert is a former Special Agent with the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations.


Our Operational Philosophy


  • FIRST, and foremost, we are here to serve.
  • We handle the problems so you don't have to.
  • We operate under circumstances easiest for you.
  • The answer will always be "Yes".
  • We'll complete your assignments in Record Time.

The Record Time team of experts has undergone rigorous training. Our combined experience, training and expertise ensure that your needs are met quickly, efficiently, completely.

We are here to serve

  • You
  • Civil Process
  • Other Legal Support Services, such as
    • Court document retrieval
    • Information gathering
    • and more